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NZ Personal Model; Includes frequencies for Endocrine, Blood sugar, Schumann frequency 7.8hz and DNA repair, to give a total of around 30 frequencies. 

Analogue with knobs and dials for ease of use, unique settings and full support with NZ service centre. Start on the detox setting for 20 minutes then change to one or two others with the remaining 15 minutes of the session. Its easy and flexible to chose different settings like Schumann and Endocrine, during your foot bath session. Share with the family, this affordable single unit machine, one you never regret purchasing!

3 year warranty FREE of charge for this high quality economical machine. 

These machines can last you for 15 years or more. 



    Good for personal and family use

    A good option for small business. 

    Developed by International scientists and researchers as a therapeutic aid for revitalization and well being.


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    We ship within 10-20 business days from order in NZ or Australia and USA on this model, as they are all hand made with care. Depending on stock levels there may be a wait, also including courier delays, so at the outset it can be a 20 day wait or sooner.