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Nahaia Russ

Nahaia Russ N.D, P.T, Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. 

Founder & Director of BioPulse 

  • Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist since 1997 in New Zealand & International. 

  • In Clinic since 1997 for health consultations.

  • Focused on Detoxification & chemical, heavy metal removal programs using chelation therapy and professional supplements for a guided detox to get results. 

  • Using the (now restricted) provocated DMSA urine test, we could assess the efficiency of the detox program over 6 - 12 months.

  • Nahaia set up a multi modality clinic and introduced BioPulse Ionic Foot Spa sessions in 2004 to customers

  • Organic Skin Care Formulator & Innovator in Quantum Physics.

  • BioPulse Ionic Foot Spa expanded to include 100+ providers/stockist.

Nahaia Russ DipNat Naturopath & Medical Herbalist,

Inventor of new technologies in frequencies aligning BioPulse 

We have natural health practitioners and home based businesses now offering foot bath sessions and selling machines in NZ, Australia, USA & Europe.


Our mission is to support the health of humanity in detoxification, that is easy and fast! The fast lane to good health.

With the extra ionic support & cellular recharging, it is very suitable for all ages including children over 3 years.

Please contact us for any questions.

how does it work

What do humans, appliances, and machines have in common?


They are all powered by electricity.

Yes, you and I are bio-electrical beings. Electrical activity can be measured in both the heart and brain. Only dead humans do not generate electricity in their body. This bio-electricity is essential not just to sustain life but to improve the quality of life.

Stress and exogenous toxins destroy the delicate electrical balance that the body needs to keep its various organ systems functioning at their peak. Toxemia is at the root of many diseases. You cannot have cancer or diabetes and at the same time have low levels of toxicity.

Toxicity causes acids to build up.  Too much acidity disrupts the homeostatic balance that is essential to the survival of the human organism.  Acidosis leads to a gamut of health problems, from chronic degenerative diseases to depression and premature ageing.

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