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Watch these testimonials about Biopulse – the results speak for themselves.

Listen to what people say, what they have found after completing 10-50 sessions with the Biopulse Ionic Footbath Detox Technology.

you've been my life saver!!

Dear Nahaia, 

"The lady with the magic hands"

You have done so much for my health and wellbeing over the last 10 years, and I am really appreciative of that. 


At the time I was rather unwell with some big issues concerning my health just coming out of that sarcoidosis episode, racing heart rate, stress from work politics and issues. 

I also had many issues with my skin and also with my neck and the bump on the neck. You managed to massage that out too! The lady with the magic hands. I have to say they were some of the most brutal massages I’ve ever had, but they worked like a miracle. 


It’s so much better than it was and then there were the elbow injuries that kept plaguing me, and the pain up my right arm, even after seeing the doctors and specialists, and then I came and saw you and you massaged me back, almost to new in one session.


And yes, you’ve kept me topped up with the right vitamins and minerals which have helped me immensely. 


I enjoyed the infrared sauna & BioPulse foot baths, maybe 50 sessions I did.

I love your Cranio healing, they were really good. I think my mind and body got a lot out of the cranio healing sessions, I do remember coming away feeling lighter, happier and way less stressed.


You’ve been my life saver!! 



"I just want to share with you my wonderful experience with the bio cleanse now biopulse.  I have been using it now for the last  3 months.  I wanted to try it mainly because i was feeling very lethargic & was suffering from frequent headaches, struggling to have a good night sleep and overall I was just not feeling well at all. I did not know what to do anymore and it seemed like my body just did not want to react to any supplements anymore.
With using the Biopulse I noticed almost immediately that my body started shedding water and after a month I almost had no sign of swollen ankles.  I also noticed that I have not had a headache in nearly three months and I am once again enjoying wonderful deep sleep. My whole body does not feel bloated anymore.
I had a wonderful detox of the liver over the last three months with the bio cleanse and my mood and energy levels have lifted dramatically.  I will definitely recommend this to anyone and I am very grateful for discovering the Biopulse.  It made a real difference to my daily life and I will definitely do it once a year from now on.

Thank you so much!"

Neal McAllister, Whangarei