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USA Digital 2 person Model: Includes 7 settings I-VII which offers 30+ rife frequencies giving a total of 200+ frequencies and the Schumann frequency 7.8hz. 

Digital screen with easy buttons to choose your setting & push go!

Add salt to take amps up to 2 amps. Enjoy your foot bath. 


Modern & Elegant, high powered with 24 volts, 2 person machine, 200+ frequencies lends this to be the best ionic foot bath machine in the world!

Comes with a 5 year warranty FREE of charge. We stand by our quality. 

These machines can last you for 15 years or more. 



    Contains; 1 BioPulse Machine, 24 Volt Medical Grade Power Pack, 1 Power Cord, 2 Water Arrays, 1 Briefcase, Himalayan Salt bag, 1 Eco Bio Degradable Liners, 2 Plastic Basins, 2 Brochures, 1 A4 Set Up Instruction Manual, 1 A5 BioPulse Manual, 1 Cleaning brush for Arrays.

  • 2 Person Digital Unit

    24 volts, 2 person, Ionic Foot Spa with over 200 frequencies. 


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