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BIOPULSE Professional Double Unit - 2 person machine with extras

BIOPULSE Professional Double Unit - 2 person machine with extras

$4,125.00 Regular Price
$3,918.75Sale Price
Excluding GST


The BIOPULSE Ionic Detox Foot Spa & Frequencies is the original and best detox machine on the market since 2015, designed in New Zealand. It features a new upgraded look and frequencies for even more effective results.

This professional double unit is perfect for use by two people at once and includes six settings, including ionic full power detox and a range of frequencies such as Schumann 7.8hz and Positive Transformation 528.

Each order comes with two high-quality water modules for a complete detox experience. Say goodbye to toxins and hello to improved health and wellbeing with the BIOPULSE Ionic Detox Foot Spa & Frequencies.

Please note:

Price is in NZD plus 15% GST for NZ based orders.

If delivery is outside of New Zealand, you will NOT get charged the GST. When you order you get everything you see listed, including the briefcase.

If you do not want the briefcase or basins we can discount total price. Contact us.


  • Machine order includes


    1 BioPulse Machine

    1 24 Volt Medical Grade Power Pack,

    1 Power Cord (NZ plug)

    2 NZ made Water Arrays

    1 Black Briefcase

    1 A4 Set Up Instruction Manual 

    1 Salt bag 400gm

    1 Liners 30 bags

    2 Basins

    2 Brochures

    2 spare Fuses


  • BioPulse Ionic Foot Spa Information

    Ionic Foot Spa with 6 settings including frequency options.

    1 setting no frequencies with full ionic charge.

    Anaglogue start/stop button,

    Design experience since 20 years with finalising our own brand BioPulse Machines & frequencies for superb results.

    Digital timer, warehouse precision made by high tech manufacturer in New Zealand.

    New Design BioPulse Ionic Detox Foot Spa Machine made in NZ, Fully reliable machines, built to last a good 10-15 years.

    Full sales, customer & technical support in NZ.

    Detox the Easy Way! Purification & Rejuvenation.


  • Shipping info for NZ, Australia & South Pacific

    Overnight courier or FEDEX is used national and international.

  • Frequencies Listing

    Rife Frequencies but not limited to :

    Including 1335 Hz 635 Hz537 Hz 763Hz751‐ 625Hz 654 Hz751 Hz x5 burst 751 Hz625 Hz Schumann 7.8HZ + 10 HZ 625 Hz.

    1. : Detox + No frequencies. Pulsing, Full Power
    2. : Detox + Normalize Endocrine System Func􏰀tion
    3. : Detox + Blood Sugar
    4. : Detox + Love, Harmony, Positive Transformation
    5. : Detox + Cancer + Basal Cell
    6. : Detox + Healing Schumann 7.8hz, DNA 625hz repair,   Motivation
  • Quick Start Sheet details

    Use warm-hot water in the foot bath for the optimal cleanse.

    Plug in the water module and place electrode in the water,

    Then switch Power “on” at the wall.

    Select function switch to (1) “Calibration / Detox”. (First position ).

    Push ‘start’ button.

    Slowly add your concentrated salt solution a quatre of a teaspoon at a time, and mix by moving feet. Wait for 30 seconds before adding more.

    Bring Meter reading up to 1.5 Amps, maximum of 2 Amps.

    If you go over, decant some water and add fresh.


    Using Schumann+, or. Rife Channels

    It is recommended to stay on Calibration / Detox for 15-20 minutes.

    Once ready, turn function switch to “Schumann +” or “Rife B to E ”

    Meter reading will drop to zero and “beeps” will sound, then the Meter will rise.

    Note. The time durations for frequencies may vary from model to model as results from experience and feedback dictate. Also, specific differences may be requested by your Practitioner. Programmed at 30 minutes, but you may wish to do a longer session by restarting the machine and pushing ‘start session’.

    You can finish the session at any time by pushing ‘stop session’.



    A, Detox Full power, Calibration, Relaxation - Can adjust salt on this setting only

    B, Rife = Detox + Endocrine

    C, Rife = Detox + Blood Sugar

    D, Rife = Detox + Love, Harmony, Positive Transformation 528hz

    E, Rife = Detox + Cancer, Basal cell

    F, 7.8hz = Detox + Healing Schumann 7.8hz, DNA 625hz repair, Motivation


  • Delivery

    BPN200 2 person machines are in stock, please allow 48 hours to be dispatched from your payment reciept. Signature only courier is used for national and international orders. Tracking is automatically sent via email. 


    All machines come with a 5 year warranty from supply date.

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