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The BIOPULSE Single NZ made is a powerful tool for maintaining your health and wellbeing.

This BioPulse Ionic Foot Spa features frequencies and a new digital timer that allow you to customize your experience and get the most out of each session.

Perfect for home use by individuals or families, this device can also be used in small businesses that offer personal services. Made in New Zealand with high-quality materials, the BIOPULSE Single is a reliable and effective way to improve your overall health and wellness.

Please note:

The price is in NZD and does not include GST.

If ordering from overseas you will not get charged GST in the checkout. 

The package includes everything you need, including the briefcase.



    A, CALIBRATION. (relaxation & detox) . Can adjust salt on this setting. B, Rife = Endocrine1335 - 635 - 537 and 763Hz.
    C, Rife = Blood Sugar, 751- 625Hz
    D, Rife =Stafyloccous 381Khz

    E, Rife = Cancer, ( Basal cell) 2116 760 2280 Hz 30-5-5
    F, Schumann + includes :-NZ SPECIAL clinic sequence = ( 7. 83) ,10 HZ , DNA, 625 Hz.


    5 years from date of receipt & delivery


    Quick Start Instructions.
    Mono Detox Electrolysis Unit. Mod 14.06.00 6w This equipment must be used under the supervision of your qualified practitioner.

    Use warm water in the foot bath (For Comfort).
    Plug in the water module and place electrode in the water, Then switch Power “on” at the wall. Select function switch to “Calib / Detox”. ( First position ).
    Turn Timer clockwise for required time typically 30 minutes.
    Slowly add your concentrated salt solution, and mix by moving feet.
    Bring Meter reading up to 1.5 Amps, maximum of 2 Amps.
    If you go over , decant some water and add fresh.
    If doing a straight BioCleanse and the level rises, you can add water .

    Using Schumann+, or. Rife Channels . Balance as above, turn function switch to “Schumann +” or “Rife B to E ”

    Meter reading will drop to zero and “beeps” will sound, then the Meter will rise (The Meter Cannot show true current while in Frequency modes so don’t add more salt). . The sequences will repeat until Time expires

    You can adjust with salt solution if low. By switching to “Calib/detox”.

    (Never add salt in the Schumann or Rife modes)

    You can restart the Frequency settings at any time by switching back to “Cleanse & Calibrate ” for a few seconds, then back to The Rife settings. If you do this, then it can take a few seconds for the machine to adjust to the New Mode settings. (indicated by “beeps”)

    Note. The time durations for frequencies may vary from model to model as results from experience and feedback dictate. Also specific differences may be requested by your Practitioner

    Rife Frequencies but not limited to :

    Including 1335 Hz 635 Hz537 Hz 763Hz751‐ 625Hz 654 Hz751 Hz x5 burst 751 Hz625 Hz Schumann 7.8HZ + 10 HZ 625 Hz.

    1. : Detox + No frequencies. Pulsing, Full Power
    2. : Detox + Normalize Endocrine System Func􏰀tion
    3. : Detox + Blood Sugar
    4. : Detox + Love, Harmony, Positive Transformation
    5. : Detox + Cancer + Basal Cell
    6. : Detox + Healing Schumann 7.8hz, DNA 625hz repair,   Motivation

    We recommend doing a foot bath session twice a week, or every second day if you can. Some clients are doing a foot bath every day for chronic conditions and gaining great results. 

    Its experimental so its individual what you need, but we are here to give some advice based on our experience and helping many hundreds of customers into the biopulse ionic foot bath, we offer free training.


    Contains; 1 BioPulse Machine, 24 Volt Medical Grade Power Pack, 1 Power Cord, 1 Water Array, 1 Black Briefcase, Himalayan Salt bag, 1 Eco Bio Degradable Liners, 1 Plastic Basin, 2 Brochures, 1 A4 Quick Start Set up.

  • Delivery

    Wait time is usually 1-3 weeks on personal machines.

    Please enquire on inventory and/or wait time. 

  • Specifications

    Machine size 

    185 x 260 x 70mm 

    Machine weight 

    1kg plus power pack .500 = 1.5kg

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